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Do you think it's possible for someone with no special skills to make $1,000+ in just a few hours typing short sentences on a home computer?

The answer is: Absolutely! Positively! YES! Because real, everyday people like you are already making good money from home using a legit system called the "Auto Online Jobs" Program:

Chris earns as much as $6,969 in 24 hours. We will show you exactly how he did it in our member's area!
Ed used one ad & made a profit of $4,978.  We will show you exactly how he did it in our member's area!
Mark made over $45,000 in his first month! We will show you exactly how he did it in our member's area!

All you need is to put in about 5 minutes a day, and you can make some serious cash online! You can do this work from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a computer and Internet connection. The great thing is - there are no prior skills or experience required to do this business.

Companies Need You!

It's a well-known fact that for a company to make money, they must advertise. If you've spent any kind of time browsing the World Wide Web, you will notice a number of short text ads displayed on just about any websites you visit. With all of these billions and billions of ads displayed around the world, do you ever wonder who types them? Well, let us tell you: regular, everyday people type up these ads to be displayed for these companies. If they did all the work themselves, it would take forever! That's where you come in. Companies worldwide are bending over backwards for people to post ads for them, and they'll pay you very nicely in return. It's a win-win situation. They get more customers and you get paid. In 2013, nearly $800 billion was spent online by consumers. It's expected to increase by over 26% in 2014. These companies have cash, and they're eager to share it with you. It's time for you to get a piece of the pie.

"I went from bankruptcy to $110,000+ IN MY FIRST 2 MONTHS!"
                                                                 B. Williams CA, USA

All that is required for you to get started is a computer with Internet access. What you will be doing is typing up ads and submitting them using our tools. That's it! You don't need any degree in marketing to do this; you don't even have to finish high school. We teach you exactly how to do everything. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can't do this. All types of individuals around the world use this system to make more money than they ever could work in a boring, dead-end job.

“I couldn't stop the money from coming in now if I wanted to.”
                                                                   J. Smith OH, USA

You help these companies to spread the word about their products and generate more revenue for them, so they pay you very nicely in return. When you post links, people will see it, click on it and purchase the product and you earn a percentage of 85%. No selling is involved on your part. The company does all the selling. You can easily make numerous sales per ad. You can choose to get paid by check, PayPal or direct payments to your bank account.

How does it work?

You post the ads on your own schedule, and you can do as many as you want with no restrictions. This is a successful money-making system with unlimited potential. Once your ads have been submitted, they provide you with a recurring income. You can even be making money while you sleep. After you set them up, they will continue to make money for you day after day. It runs virtually on autopilot. We provide you with a network of over 100,000 companies, each sorted by category and profitability. The Internet is huge; that's why there is never a shortage of these positions. You just need to type up short, two-four lines for them in various online forms like the one shown below. Just one ad can earn you hundreds of dollars in our system. After typing up a few ads and submitting them, you can start seeing money showing up in your earning account. The more you post, the more you earn. There is no extra charge in future and accessing to all future updates and supports are free. Some members have reported earning money within four minutes of registering at our website! You can make back your membership fee in no time. No one can be turned down; members worldwide are accepted and you can begin immediately. We will provide you with everything you need to get started, including all the ads that you can just copy and paste into the forms, along with our complete step-by-step system. Our support team is also available seven days a week to assist members with any issues!

A Complete Step-by-Step System

We guide you with text and pictures. It's like having your own personal tutor there to assist you! If you're still lost, you just have to contact our helpful customer support, which is always willing to provide you additional help with any problems you may have. Our system even shows you which companies pay the most to maximize your income. With such a support, you can't go wrong!

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Select Your Companies

Start Posting

Take a look at an example of a form you would be entering data into.
Does this look hard to you?

Your simple ad submission will effectively help companies to generate more sales, earning them profit they never would have received otherwise. That is why they're willing to split an amazing share of their online profits with you. The forms contain two-four lines that need to be filled out with one or two short sentences – it takes five minutes at the most. The member's area has a library of data versions that you can use to complete the forms – we will show you exactly what to add and post; you even can copy and paste ads if you would like, and this is perfectly acceptable. You can access these online forms whenever you want to start working and there are unlimited online forms to be filled in.

You'll NEVER need your own website!
You'll NEVER have to sell anything!
You'll NEVER need to carry any products or inventory!
You'll NEVER have to deal with customers or follow up on leads!
You'll NEVER have to call or contact any customers!
You'll NEVER have to work set hours!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Sign in to your account.
2. Choose the companies.
3. Enter data into the forms and hit submit.


How much can you make money online?

No. of Ads Per Day

Monthly Income

Yearly Income

If you generate 1... 



If you generate 3...



If you generate 5...



If you generate 10...




How and when will you be paid?

There is ONE payroll firm for all 100,000+ companies in this program. You can sign in to your account to see how much you've made and which companies are paying you the most.
You will receive one paycheck that combines all the monies due to you from all companies once per week. You can also choose to get paid via PayPal or direct payments to your bank account.

Run this from anywhere in the WORLD. You just need an Internet connection. Get online, sign in to your account and you are ready to go.


How your Life will Change?

You get up out of bed, walk over to your computer still in your pajamas, and log in to check to see how much you made while you were sleeping. You prepare yourself a nice cup of coffee, catch up on the news, then go for a nice morning walk... and that's during the week! Notice that you haven't said anything about waking up to the ringing of an alarm clock and rushing to get into the stressful morning commute just to go work at some soul-killing, dead-end job. That's the beauty of working at home. Absolutely no commuter traffic, no stressful boss! No longer will you waste your time in rush-hour traffic. That's because you choose how and where you spend your days. If you like, you can spend 5 minutes or longer on your computer, it's totally flexible.


Auto Online Jobs Special Bonus

We provide you with 100+ traffic tools with the value of $5,000 for free to guarantee your success in the world of data entry jobs. They send your ads to over 6,000,000 pages! Automated! It drives 10,000+ visitors to them every hour. That's the magic of our program.

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